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Your guarantee to get a ticket for Select 2021, without spending money immediately in uncertain times. In this pre-registration we keep 1000 tickets reserved for our Select pre-registrants.

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Why is this interesting?

Do you also recognize this from 2020? You had bought several tickets for various festivals, without actually being here. Sin! Festivals will also face uncertain times in 2021. Do you want to spend money on uncertainty again this year? Of course not! How nice it is that Select Festival can offer you some certainty in uncertain times. We can give you the guarantee to be present at the electronic festival in Gouda, without spending money immediately!


How do I get a warranty?

How do you get a guarantee on a ticket? Easy! You already have that by registering by email in the form above. When Select Festival has sufficient certainty to actually take place, you will receive an email with ticket information. So you are the first with certainty to go wild at Select Festival! Together with our carefully selected artists you will discover every corner from techno to afro-house and from acid to 90's rave.


When Select 2021 does not take place

One scenario could be that Select 2021 cannot yet take place due to COVID-19. Don't worry! The pre-registration will then remain valid until the next edition.